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The biggest enemy of your oral wellness is the filmy bacteria called dental plaque. It is what causes the decay of your tooth structure to form cavities, and it is also the source of irritation, inflammation, and infection of your gums. We at Pearla Dental are focused on preventing the effects of dental plaque as well as addressing any of its consequences.

A strategy that includes good nutrition, limits on sugar and starch, brushing and flossing, and visits to our Worcester dentist office twice per year is one that is most effective in keeping dental plaque from causing problems. Sugar and starch are the fuel that makes dental plaque grow on your teeth and at the gum line to begin with. We often get asked what the ideal frequency is for teeth brushing, and the answer is first thing each day, last night at night, and after meals. You should also floss right before bed to dislodge food particles and loosen any sticky plaque between teeth. Dental plaque is a sneaky substance, though. It can hide out of reach, such as in gum pockets. Any that does that will eventually harden and become tartar. It takes a visit to our Worcester dentist office to eradicate tartar, because home oral hygiene is not efficient in doing so. In addition to that, our teeth cleanings will reverse the signs of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis as it is called. And that will keep gum disease from progressing and ultimately causing persistent bad breath, bleeding when you brush, receding gums, and even infected gum tissue. Furthermore, if you have any cavities, best to have them filled before they grow large enough to result in a toothache and maybe even an infection.

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